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Competitive Teams

UGI offers boys, girls, and tumbling/trampoline teams. Each program begins with a developmental class which prepares the gymnast to compete in the USA Gymnastics program. Advancement into the team programs is by invitation only. Speak to your child's class teacher, or call us for an evaluation appointment.

Team Philosophy

At United Gymnastix Inc. (UGI) our philosophy is "Developing Movement for a Lifeteime." One of the many vehicles that we use to move toward our goal is the competitive team. The two fundamental themes of the competitive programs are "quality of performance" and "pursuit of excellence." During workouts and competitions both themes are stressed and reinforced. The team program helps gymnasts develop the mental, emotional, and physical strength needed for the high standards of performance expected of them for competition. Because we here at UGI are concerned about "Developing Movement for a Lifetime" each gymnast is encouraged for strive for quality and teaching excellence at his or her own pace.

Team Teaching Philosophy

The coaching staff understands that gymnastics is an individual sport and each gymnast will be treated as an individual. While teaching, we will give the gymnast an option, not an ultimatum. We will give answers not criticisms. We will respect the balance between working out and taking care of our bodies. In this way, we hope the gymnasts will retain the love for the sport that originally motivated them to become gymnasts.

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